Interesting scientific questions you might need an explanation

scientific questions you need explanation , what if everyone on Earth jumped at once... How big the Universe is.. What if you fell into a Black hole ... what will happen if Earth losses oxygen for a few moments ...

Everyone has some curiosity about our Earth and Universe. Today we will break through some common interesting Scientific questions that all of us need answers. Let’s begin so stay tuned till last and you will definitely be amazed.

What if everyone on Earth jumped at once?

What would happen if every single person on Earth Jumped at the exact same time? what’s the impact this can make on Earth?, will there be a massive Earthquake? Let’s find out.

The total population of humans on earth is near about 7 billion. If all of this population stood by a shoulder to shoulder then we can fit us entirely into the city of Los Angeles. Our collective mass compared to the mass of Earth is nothing. Physics calculated that if all of us were to get together in one location and all jump 30cm high at the exact same time. We would push the earth away from us a tiny amount(1/100th of the width of a single Hydrogen atom).
Our jump will not be able to change the position of Earth in space. Since every action has an equal and opposite reaction the earth will come back to its original position.

How big the Universe is?

How big is the universe? is among interesting Scientific questions that will blow your mind. Before we can grasp how big the universe is we must realize how small our planet is. We live on a rock floating through the empty space at great speed. In our Solar System, Earth is the 4th largest planet and it’s 93 million miles away from the Sun. Sun is so massive that 1,300,000 Earths can fit inside of it.

Let’s leave the Solar System and we will find 400-500 Billions of others stars and there planetary systems in our Milkyway Galaxy. It is so huge that even if we travel at the speed of the light it will take around 100,000 years to complete. The sun in our galaxy is the microscopic spec of dust and Solar System is just the size of a flat coin. Beyond our own galaxy lies enormous other billions of galaxies. In fact, some of the galaxies in our Universe are so distant that light from them which is received on Earth today is actually set out billions of years ago. So yes you are observing the past history of those galaxies here from Earth.

So far the size of the universe is the universe we have observed. And it will keep on increasing as we explore. No one knows what lies beyond the observable universe. Maybe there’s another Universe different from ours and maybe we are living in a Multiverse.

What if you fell into a Black hole?

What would Happen if you fell into a Blackhole, can you survive ? or maybe you end up getting a shortcut to another universe. Let’s find out this interesting scientific questions answer.

Despite being “Black” and a “Hole”, a Blackhole is not a black empty space. In general theory of relativity Einstein predicted the existence of the black hole and how it forms. When a massive star dies it leaves behind smaller remnant core. In order to turn this remnant into the black hole, its mass should be 3x greater than the mass of our sun. Gravity overwhelmed all other forces and turns the core into the black hole.

Blackhole is not a hole at all but rather a huge amount of matter packed into very small space. The gravity of a black hole is so strong that even light cannot escape it. And that’s the reason it’s very difficult to exactly see one. But can be detected with the help of gamma-ray bursts(Hawking radiation). Every black hole has an event horizon the point at which gravity is so strong that you cannot escape.

If you are pulled by a black hole then you will be accelerated by the force of gravity. Your body will be stretched and torn apart. There’s one black hole at the center of our milky way galaxy. At the center of a black hole the density is infinite(gravitational singularity). You will be squashed into the black hole and becomes a part of it. Space and time in blackhole swaps. The time stays still and space moves. Due to this, the person observing you will see you freeze at the event horizon. You will never make out if you fell into a black hole.

What will happen if Earth losses oxygen for a few moments?

Oxygen is the most important aspect of life here on Earth. But let’s say all the oxygen in the world disappeared for a few seconds. We can hold the breath up to 30s and that’s not a big deal. But Earth will look completely different in this situation. All the buildings or material made of concrete will collapse because of oxygen act as a special binding agent to concrete. So goodbye to all the tall buildings, monuments, and houses. With all the oxygen gone there will not be any ozone layer to protect us from harmful UV radiation.

In Addition to this, our ears will explode due to a dramatic change in atmospheric pressure. Our atmosphere contains 21% oxygen, its the same as diving deep into the sea levels. Without oxygen, there’s no combustion. Eventually, all the modes of transport that require combustion will stop. Planes will crash, cars will stop. without oxygen, the sky will look completely dark.

And if you have survived all this then don’t get happy. Earth’s crust will crumble because it is made of 45% oxygen. All humanity will disappear within a few seconds but don’t worry as this will never happen.

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